Hi, I Am Robin

It's nice to meet you.

I help people and organizations transform their imagination.

I run a consulting studio bringing life to the dreams of creative organizations. I'm making an artist-first company to serve artists. I'm creating a community to inspire creative people to dream and do better. I'm making beautiful art in artist worlds.

Previously, I co-founded a music company, we served legendary artists, and helped build and deliver feature film scores and iconic music software products.

My foundation? Two fine arts degrees from art school. Certifications as a sports nutrition coach and plant-based chef. I've been exploring consciousness in a long-time meditation practice, and in my thinking, knowing, and being, I strive to embody truth, goodness and beauty in every thing I do.

Recently I asked myself: what is imagination?

I had more questions than answers.

Why is it a difficult question for me to answer?
Why had I never learned anything about it, or bothered to ask, until now?

Why did I ask?

I stopped to think about it when our world started to attempt to outsource our interior faculties, like imagination, to automated internet processes.

For me, now is the best time ever to start to a conversation on imagination.


Is this moment the outcome of an abundance, or an absence of imagination?

Will it hurt or help our individual and collective conversation with imagination? Make it better or different? Create more problems or more opportunities, or both?

Why is it important, imagination?

Do you think about imagination? Do you need to?

To start the conversation, I'm making creative things and sharing them with the world.

I share insights on my journey. Join the conversation below.

I hope I inspire you to bring life to your imagination. To dream better. And do better.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to connecting with you.

Be well,

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Empower your imagination

Join the conversation

Empower your imagination

Join the conversation

Empower your imagination